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Fur Dixon started her music career as a young, wild rock ‘n’ roll bass player for The Whirlybirds, playing on her first 7" single at 21 years of age. Following that, she formed the Hollywood Hillbillys, one of the only bands in history that counted live on-stage chickens amongst their band mates. Legendary psychobilly band The Cramps became fans of Fur and spirited her away and off to Europe where she became the first bassist of The Cramps live lineup. Known for keeping a solid, hypnotic rhythm, rocking that fur-lined bra and the famous bunny tail, Fur exuded smoldering sexual energy onstage while playing somewhere around 60 shows on the band's Date With Elvis tour. Despite The Cramps asking her to remain as their permanent fourth member, Fur declined and left the band following the final show of the UK/EU tour.


Once again focusing on creating her own music, Fur fronted her own rock 'n' roll bands throughout the '90s including The Dixons and Blow Up before taking a ten-year sojourn into the Americana and folk music scene. Nowadays she is back to using her God-given, natural-born talent for playing rock ‘n’ roll. Fur has been working with her new band, WTFUKUSHIMA!!, comprised of Dusty Watson (The Sonics) on drums, Paul Roessler (The Screamers, 45 Grave) on keyboards, Dave Provost (Dream Syndicate) on bass, and Bernard Yin (Fuzztones, BellRays,) on lead guitar. Fur and the band are in the studio finishing up a full length album  Fur Dixon's WTFUKUSHIMA!!' debut album is slated for release in 2018. 

"...'an angel-voiced cowgirl'..."

- Dick Porter's book "The Cramps: A Short History of Rock 'n' Roll Psychosis"

"...another friend, Fur Dixon, is also just starting to do gigs and in the middle of recording so that is fantastic. I hear she just had a show in Tarzana and it was sold out with a great audience reaction. I do get a thrill knowing others who left a mark on the music scene are still making music and enjoying it. They are the real deal." - Patricia Morrison (of The Damned, Sisters of Mercy, Gun Club, The Bags), in an interview by, July 2016

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